A New Safety Program For A 1500+ Location Distributor

When an international industrial products distributor came to Riteknife, their current safety program featured knives that didn't meet the challenge of their growing business. Riteknife helped to eliminate product damage and lacerations, as well as developed custom training to ensure the proper implementation of a new safety knife cutting program.
A New Safety Program For A 1500+ Location Distributor

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Recommended the Riteknife AS100 Auto Retracting Safety Knife + Holster for all heavy duty cutting tasks.

Every day large heavy parts are delivered to ten distribution centers. These boxes consist of double and triple wall boxes, along with gaylords, that will need to be broken down for recycling.

Through Riteknife's safety knife evaluation, we found that the current knives being used didn't have the proper blade angle, safety features, or blade extension to perform the required tasks. This created tremendous risk because personnel reverted back to manually retractable and exposed blade knives with no safety features to complete their work.

The company needed new easy-to-use safety knives, high-quality durable blades, and a training program that gave personnel confidence.

Riteknife's first recommendation was the AS100 Auto Retracting Safety Knife, complete with a holster. These knives were selected because our safety specialists felt sure they could perform tasks at a level that was more effective for the company from a safety perspective and would positively impact personnel within the facilities.

The AS100's ergonomic, ambidextrous handle makes the knife easy-to-use and comfortable. Meanwhile, the 1-inch blade extension ensures the blade can seamlessly cut through difficult triple wall corrugated and gaylords, in the safest way possible. Additionally, when set comfortably in its holster, personnel could safely and conveniently bring their knife with them as they walked the distribution floor performing tasks.

For all other general packaging materials—including single wall corrugated, stretch wrap, plastic banding, and tape on boxes, etc.—the CB100 Concealed Blade Safety Knife was recommended. This knife could easily meet these needs in all facilities, including showrooms and stores.

The CB100's Flow Through Technology and high-end, guarded Mozart® blade, make cutting these types of materials safer, in most cases quicker, and easier for the end user. When blades do become dull, a no-tool blade change ensures that no accidental lacerations occur during the process or disposal. Product damage caused by exposed blade knives would also be eliminated, reducing product loss costs, essentially, paying for the safety knife upgrade program.


Riteknife evaluated each department's tasks looking for moments of friction. Our experts then documented the current tools being used for each step of the dismantling process. Our recommended knives were tested to ensure they were the right knives for the current workflow, and any future workflow changes. We then went to work creating custom training guides, including shooting videos directly in the company's stores. By teaching personnel how to use safety knives that matched their daily tasks, in the right and safe way, we gave them confidence in their tools and emphasized the importance of safety.


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