MR100 Replacement Blades

MR100 Replacement Straight Blades

Safety Knives For A Safer Workplace

Patented Safety Features

Minimize risk of lacerations during handling, storage, and blade disposal

Built for Durability and Ease

Ambidextrous and ergonomic handles are made of heavy aluminum for longevity and comfort

Highly Visible Green

Ensure a safety knife is never misplaced again.

MR100 Replacement Blades
MR100 Replacement Blades

MR100 Replacement Blades

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This Mozart® precision cutting blunted tip blade is compatible with the MR100, where it sits firmly in the MR100 retractable track. With the MR100's blade locking mechanism and tool-free blade change, it's the safest precision blade option available.

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth

25 mm


60 mm x 15.75 mm x 0.63 mm


Carbon Steel

MR100 Replacment Blade Compatible Knife

The MR100

The MR100 puts safety in your hands. It features a manually retractable blade, blade locking mechanism, and tool-free blade change that ensures personnel can control the blunted tip blade no matter their workflow.

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Frequently Asked MR100 Replacement Straight Blade Questions

Where are the blades made?

Solingen, Germany

How thick is the blade?

0.63 mm

Why is the tip blunted?

For safety

What is the composition of the blade?

Carbon steel


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