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Why Safety Professionals Prefer the SO400

Concealed ceramic safety blade

Our highest level of safety, prevents against accidental cuts

Safety Knives For A Safer Workplace

Built for Durability and Ease

Molded out of tough polycarbonate

Patented Safety Features

Minimize risk of lacerations during handling and storage

Visible Green

Ensure the SO 400 cutter is never misplaced again

Ideal For All Materials, Including:

Cutting Single Layers of Films and Foils
Single Layers of Films and Foils

All flexible film options including POF, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PETE, PP, PVC, and vinyl. The SO400 will also cut aluminum foil and bags.

Cutting Composite Laminates
Composite Laminates

Any composite laminate stacking sequence including angle-ply, cross-ply, balanced, symmetric, and antisymmetric laminate

Cutting Paper

One layer of paper

Ceramic Blade Cutter

With a micro ceramic blade, the SO400 is the ideal safety knife for effortlessly cutting single-layer materials without the risk of accidental slips and cuts.

Developed with and for safety professionals, this unique safety knife features an integrated magnet for easy fastening to the many metal surfaces found on the floor of warehouses and factories. The Riteknife green cutter has a lanyard hole that ensures the SO400 is always on hand.

Product Specifications
Cutting Depth 0.09 mm
Weight 9 gms
Dimensions 43.5 mm x 5.3 mm
Materials Polycarbonate

How to Use the S0400

Frequently Asked SO400 Questions



Because of the micro sized blade, you will not cut yourself.

To attach to any metal surface in a warehouse, factory, plant, etc.

The SO400 is designed to cut single sheets of paper, film, and foil

A safety knife is a type of knife that has special features such as protective guards, auto-retractable blades and blunt tips These tools are used to prevent lacerations and repetitive motion injuries.

Safety knives are important because they can help you avoid injury and make your work easier. Safety knives are designed to protect both the user and others around them from injury. If you have a regular knife instead of a safety knife, there's a chance that someone could get hurt by accident if their hand slips while they're using it.

The importance of combining training with your safety knife purchase is that it helps you learn how to use your new tool in a safe and effective manner. When your employees are trained on how to use their new safety equipment, they will be able to perform their jobs safely and confidently.

Safety knives protect people by making sure they don't cut themselves by engineering out the hazards. The sharp edge of a regular knife can easily cause serious lacerations. Safety knives are designed to prevent this type of accident.

The best way to evaluate which safety knives are best for your cutting tasks is by conducting a free safety knife evaluation and discussing your specific situation with a safety cutting professional.

The two most common injuries caused by unsafe knives in the workplace and in factories are lacerations and repetitive motion injuries.

Lacerations are the most common injury caused by unsafe knives in the workplace. These occur when a person's body comes into contact with a blade that is being used.

Repetitive motion injuries are also common with poorly engineered knives in the workplace. These occur when someone uses a knife repetitively for long periods of time. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or other musculoskeletal issues.


Our experts are here to help you find the Riteknife that fits your needs and goals.

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