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Why Safety Professionals
Prefer the CB100

CB100 Safety Box Cutter
Riteknife Flowthrough Technology Minimizes friction and lowers the force needed for cutting

Safety Knives For A Safer Workplace

Built for Durability and Ease

Ambidextrous ergonomic handle is made of glass-filled nylon for longevity and shaped for comfort

Patented Safety Features

Minimize risk of lacerations during handling and storage

Visible Green

Ensure a safety knife is never misplaced again

Ideal For All Materials, Including:

Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated Cardboard

Including single, double, or triple wall box flaps, and A-F flute styles

Shrink or Stretch Wrap
Shrink or Stretch Wrap

Wrapped pallets of pre-packed goods secured for shipping

Plastic Banding
Plastic Banding

Plastic banding or strapping in any width

Concealed Blade Safety Knife

Developed with and for safety professionals, the CB100 is the ideal multi-purpose safety knife.

The CB100's ergonomic ambidextrous handle, with easy tool-free blade change and guarded blade technology, avoids blade edges coming in contact with skin.

Riteknife Flowthrough Technology minimizes friction and maintains optimal blade angle to eliminate repetitive motion injuries and lower the force needed for cutting.

The molded tape splitter allows for easy penetration into clear packaging tapes as well as fiber-reinforced box tapes.

Product Specifications
Cutting Depth 5.8 mm
Weight 30 gms
Dimensions 175 mm x 40 mm x 6mm
Materials Glass-filled nylon

How to Use the CB100

Frequently Asked CB100 Questions

Yes, the Mozart® blade can be flipped over or changed.

Depending on the material, it averages around 1,000 cuts per side.

6.5 mm

While the blade is concealed, we'd recommend that the CB100 be stored and carried in a holster on the belt.

It can cut tapes (plastic and fiber), plastic banding, single and double wall corrugated cardboard, stretch wrap, plastic and paper bags, and glued box flaps while avoiding product damage.

The CB100 Flow Through Technology has no molded plastic contacting what is being cut to increase the effective thickness.

The most common applications for the CB100 are:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Shrink or stretch wrap
  • Plastic Banding
  • Tapes

A safety knife is a type of knife that has special features such as protective guards, auto-retractable blades and blunt tips These tools are used to prevent lacerations and repetitive motion injuries.

Safety knives are important because they can help you avoid injury and make your work easier. Safety knives are designed to protect both the user and others around them from injury. If you have a regular knife instead of a safety knife, then there's a chance that someone could get hurt by accident if their hand slips while they're using it.

The importance of combining training with your safety knife purchase is that it helps you learn how to use your new tool in a safe and effective manner. When your employees are trained on how to use their new safety equipment, they will be able to perform their jobs safely and confidently.

Safety knives protect people by making sure they don't cut themselves. The sharp edge of a regular knife can easily cut someone's skin and cause serious injury, but safety knives are designed to prevent this type of accident.

The best way to evaluate which safety knives are best for your cutting tasks is by conducting a free safety knife evaluation and discussing your specific situation with a safety cutting professional.

The two most common injuries caused by unsafe knives in the workplace and in factories are lacerations and repetitive motion injuries.

Lacerations are the most common injury caused by unsafe knives in the workplace. These occur when a person's body comes into contact with a blade that is being used.

Repetitive motion injuries are also common with poorly engineered knives in the workplace. These occur when someone uses a knife repetitively for long periods of time.. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or other musculoskeletal issues.


Our experts are here to help you find the Riteknife that fits your needs and goals.

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