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Featured Safety Knives

Concealed Blade Safety Knife

Riteknife Flowthrough Technology(TM) minimizes friction and maintains optimal blade angle to eliminate repetitive motion injuries and lower the force needed for cutting. Also minimizes product damage caused by exposed blade knives.

Auto Rectractable Safety Knife

Equipped with Riteknife's fast-acting blade guard technology(TM) to prevent lacerations and a patented, easy tool-free blade change designed to eliminate risk.

Safety Pen Knife

Ideal for deburring precise or hard-to-reach tasks. The MR100 features a blunted tip blade to prevent punctures, a retractable blade, a safety locking mechanism, and a tool-free blade change.

Safety Scraper

The world's first true safety scraper. The SL100 features an ergonomically shaped plastic body and a spring-loaded mechanism for quick task performance while protecting from injury.

Safety Scissors

With a blunted tip, and guarded 3.5" blades, the SO300 safety scissors minimizes puncture wound risks and lacerations.

Safety Cutter

The ideal safety knife for cutting single-layer materials without the risk of lacerations. The SO400 features a ceramic blade and an integrated magnet for easy fastening to any metal surface on the factory floor.


Why Safety Professionals
Prefer the AS100

AS100 Safety Utility Knife
Steel Automatic Blade Guard Technology Locking guard automatically activates once cutting is complete, to protect against accidental cuts

Setting the
Safety Standard

Designed by Safety Professionals

Riteknife safety knives are designed and engineered in partnership with safety professionals to maximize safety, ease of use, and durability.

Developed by Experts

Each Riteknife leader brings over 30 years of deep safety industry knowledge and have consistently created innovations to reduce risk and cost for safety professionals over the past 3+ decades.

Our Story

Powered by the Best

Every knife features industry-tested blades from premier German blade producer, Mozart©.

Our Mozart Partnership

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Cuts like butta.

Sr. Safety Professional at Global Flexible Packaging Company