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Why Safety Professionals Prefer the CB100 Replacement Blade

Manufactured by Mozart® Made by Mozart in Solingen, Germany, the blade capital of the world.
The CB100
Concealed Blade Safety Knife Replacement Blades
$60.00 (50 Pack)

This German-made Mozart® blade is designed for the CB100 incorporating Riteknife Flowthrough Technology. The CB100's guarded blade sits at an optimal angle—minimizing the force needed to initiate cuts. It greatly reduces repetitive motion injuries.

Product Specifications
Dimensions 55.28 mm x 20.30 mm x 3.00 mm
Materials Carbon Steel

Frequently Asked CB100 Replacement Blade Questions

Depending on the material, it averages around 1,000 cuts

Yes, the blade can be used more than once

Solingen, Germany

0.5 mm

Yes, it takes almost 100 lbs of pressure to pull the guard from the CB100 blade.

Riteknife’s Flow-Through Technology and the high quality Mozart blade makes it easier to make cuts.


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